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New book, new blog, new (lack of day) job! | Adrienne Maria Vrettos

New book, new blog, new (lack of day) job!

Welcome!  Come in, come in!

I’m so happy to be breaking a bottle of champagne on the bow (stern?) of this new blog with a post chock-full of news.  Then I can go back to blogging about donuts and True Blood.

1.  My new thriller BURNOUT comes out tomorrow and I am so stoked to be part of a multi-book launch party at Books of Wonder this Thursday, September 15th.

I mean, for Pete’s sake, check out the rest of the line-up:


COE BOOTH: Bronxwood 



[Links for these are coming, I promise!  I’m just writing this while the baby is napping, so time is a-ticking]

That’s my main character, Nan, on the cover.  She wakes up on the L train the day after Halloween and can’t remember a dang thing about the last 24 hours, least of all why she’s wearing a too-small Halloween costume, skeleton face paint, and a freshly shaved head.  Here’s an excerpt.  You’ll have a chance to win a copy tomorrow!

2. I am totally in love with this new blog/website that the ever-amazing Denise Biondo designed for me.  She designed the website for my first book, and I’ve been a huge fan ever since.

3.  After years of my fellow writers, readers, moms, book store employees, family, and random people who didn’t really ask hearing me lament the fact that I couldn’t be home with my kids, writing books —- Guess what?  I’m home with my kids!  Writing books!  I spent ten wonderful years at Scholastic, and miss the people so very much already, but I am so grateful to have this opportunity to be with my kids and with my writing work.

And speaking of writing work, I’m off to tap tap tap away.



2 Responses to New book, new blog, new (lack of day) job!

  1. Adrienne- All the best to you. I wish we were in town on Thursday for the party, but I’m going to look for that book right now. I love your description. And love the blog design.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you so much, Augusta! And I can’t wait until Glory Be is out in the world!

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