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Launch Event Recap (with invisible pictures) | Adrienne Maria Vrettos

Launch Event Recap (with invisible pictures)

Last night’s book launch party was a blast, and I’m so happy to have been in such great company.

It was a happy, pie-infused blur, but here are the highlights, in order of appearance:

1.  Suzanne LaFleur read an excerpt from Eight Keys that was so lovely, and ended with such a hook, I had to keep myself from poking her and demanding she read more.

2.  Coe Booth blew me away, per usual, with her reading from Bronxwood, the sequel to Tyrell.  It was one billion percent worth the wait.  Hearing Tyrell’s voice again was amazing, but ‘seeing’ him with his dad?  Unforgettable.

3.  Sarah Weeks, David Levithan and Brian Selznick’s Reader’s Theater performance from Sarah’s book, Pie.  If you ever meet David Levithan, you really must ask him to do his lawyer impression. Trust me, it’s worth it.

4.  Seeing lots of friends, meeting aspiring writers, and BEST BEST BEST of all — thanks to the fact that my husband’s amazing and has no fear of taking two kids on the subway way past their bedtime, it was a total family affair.  Celebrating this sort of thing with family, friends, fellow writers and book lovers made it really special.

Still glowing 🙂



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