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Fear of the first word — Stuart Smalley SOS! | Adrienne Maria Vrettos

Fear of the first word — Stuart Smalley SOS!

Oh Friday, where have you been all my life?

It’s been so long since you were last here!

And yet, I still have not written a word of my new project.  Don’t tell ANYBODY!

Actually, that’s a lie.  I’ve written lots of words for the new project.  I’ve written first words, sentences, paragraphs, once even the first two pages.  And then I deleted it.  Numerous times.

Because I’m scared.  And I’m so bored of my own fear I groan out loud, “Oh, get over yourself” but it’s really hard advice to take.

I can see the story in my head, I can feel its rhythm.  But I can’t write it down.

I know that whatever I write I can change, but every word I write feels so permanent, and so wrong.  How can I write a whole book if I can’t write the first word?  How can I tell a story if I can’t even start?

I am filled with doubt.

OMG!  You know what I need?  A session with Stuart Smalley!  He can help me get over my performance anxiety.

Seriously, look what he did for Michael Jordan!

If Michael Jordan realizes he doesn’t have to dribble the ball fast or put the ball in the basket, then I can realize I don’t have to write a totally perfectly perfect first draft.

There, I TOTALLY cured myself of writer’s block using the internet!  I take back (almost) all my technophic statements.  Just not the one related to Terminator, because that sh*t could really happen!





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