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In which I am finally reading Girl with the Dragon Tattoo | Adrienne Maria Vrettos

In which I am finally reading Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I *love* New York for a gazillion different reasons, but one of the random ones is the chunks of time that it seems EVERYONE is reading the same book on the subway.  It’s like an unofficial book group, except no one talks about the books we’re all reading together apart from MAYBE a nod and a “Hm.” Uttered in a tone of voice sure to convey “I don’t really want to have a conversation, I’m just acknowledging the fact we both live in this city and both love this book.  We can now go back to ignoring each other.”

It happened with The Red Tent, the Davinci Code, The Help, The Devil Wears Prada, Harry Potter, and most recently The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

The fact is, even though I love that it seems like everyone in New York reads the same thing at the same time, I’ve always opted out of this particular ‘it takes a village to read a book’ activity.  There is a great possibility it’s because I’m contrary.  Oh yeah, you’re all reading that?  Well I”m going to read THIS instead!

And also I was usually reading stuff for work and couldn’t fit in grown-up reading at the same time.  And, honestly, the manuscripts I was reading for work were so FRICKING GOOD I wasn’t really upset I didn’t have time to read the The Passage with everyone else.

But now that I’m retired and leading a life of leisure, I have time to catch up on community book group.

Starting with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

It’s just okay.

That’s a lie.

I am 100% obsessed.

And 100% paranoid that someone is going to tell me something about it that I don’t know already.  So if you see me wandering the streets of Brooklyn in an astronaut’s helmet, you’ll know why (why not ear plugs, you ask?  they could fall out!  too risky).

Yours in book obsession,


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