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Exploding Pumpkins and Tickling Tom Hardy | Adrienne Maria Vrettos

Exploding Pumpkins and Tickling Tom Hardy

Yesterday was one of those days where all of my writing was done in my head, as my hands were busy. Some days are like that, right? Where you need to be satisfied with imagining the details of a room (burgundy shag carpet, trampled flat except for the luscious patch exposed when a bookcase is moved) just so you feel like you’ve had some forward momentum?

My hands were busy doing other things I love. I tickled a belly. You may wonder, is this the Tom Hardy part of the post? And the answer would be yes. I totally tickled Tom Hardy’s belly while he filmed a movie in my neighborhood about finding a lost dog. And he was dressed like this, which seemed weird.

Either that, or the belly I tickled was the perfectly round belly belonging to my toddler.

There was a morning playdate and a valiant effort by me to simultaneously get my kid to fall asleep in the stroller and photo-bomb the Bane-Loves-Dog movie. Neither happened.

And then the other kid came home and there was another playdate, and the pumpkin we’d been letting decompose as a science experiment was kicked and we discovered a months-old pumpkin totally explodes when kicked. So then our place looked like an unpopular teacher’s house on Halloween.


And between the exploded pumpkin and the broken wine glass (it was empty, and I think it just exploded with anticipation), someone came by our place to see if we would be interested in having it be in a Major Television Production.


There was some location-scout picture taking (I’m going to pretend I wasn’t mortified by the state of our place, and just hope they don’t call telling us ‘not to change a thing’, because the scene they’re filming takes place in crack den or something).


And then there was the DADDY’S HOME!! celebration (I led the cheer and ran out to buy wine).


And then there was takeout because of the flood (oh yeah, the flood. I can’t even.)


And then the day was done and I hadn’t written a lick.


But at least I know the color of the shag carpeting, and I’ll hold the image of it in my mind until I can write it down until I can write it into my ms later today. It’s amazing right, how we get a new day every day?



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