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An illustrated white ghost on a black square

Summer 2024: SO MANY GHOSTS! 

That’s not the title. It’s more of a description. Or maybe a complaint?                    Definitely not an invitation for more ghosts, because there are already A LOT of then in my new middle-grade work-in-progress.



Burnout by author Adrienne Maria Vrettos


The morning after Halloween Nan wakes up on a subway train. She doesn’t know how she got the costume she’s wearing. Or the makeup. Or the bruises. There is only one thing she wants more than to remember. And that is to forget.

The Exile of Gigi Lane by author Adrienne Maria Vrettos

The Exile of Gigi Lane

She’s not your average mean girl, or your run-of-the-mill Queen Bee and she’s far from a brassy blonde with a heart of gold. She’s Gigi Lane, and the only thing more stunning than her rise to glory, is her fall from grace.

Sight by author Adrienne Maria Vrettos


Drifter, Drifter’s gonna gettcha His hair’s on fire and his eye’s are black First snow’s coming and he’s coming back He got Clarence and he’ll get you too Drfiter, Drifter’s coming for you

Skin by author Adrienne Maria Vrettos


“I’m telling you this because you didn’t ask. I’ve got it all here, growing like a tumor in my throat. I’m telling you because if I don’t, I will choke on it. I want to tell. It’s mine to tell. Even if you didn’t ask, you have it to hear it.”


Best Friends For Never by author Adrienne Maria Vrettos

Best Friends for Never

After Hattie and her three best friends watch one of their classmates publicly defriended in the school cafeteria, they make a loyalty pact promising never to mistreat each other. But after Hattie unwittingly breaks the pact, her friends begin ignoring her. In fact, they literally don’t even know who she is anymore! Can Hattie figure out how to break the spell and make things right again?